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Find Answers to Support Your Building Soil, Building Equity Application & Program Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the approved soil health practices for Accelerating Appalachia’s Building Soil Building Equity (BSBE) initiative?

What is the expected time commitment for farmers?

If I have a partner who helps me on my farm but is not on my contract for the BSBE program, would I still be able to be reimbursed for their travel to any BSBE approved CSAF field days?

Is there a matching component to receive these funds?

If we have earned reimbursement payments or earned incentive payments, but have not been paid for them, and USDA funding is unexpectedly terminated, would we receive any payments?

The contract requires farmers to have control of the land, have established farm records with the USDA, and be compliant with highly erodible land (HEL) and wetland compliance requirements to receive funds or Accelerating Appalachia may recover funds from the farmer. What is an example of failing to comply with these requirements?

Will Accelerating Appalachia help determine if there are any historical or environmental preservation sites on our farm?

How prescriptive will NCAT’s advice be and to what degree are farmers obligated to follow it?

To what extent will farmers have access to and be able to use the data collected for their purposes?

How many acres are required to participate in BSBE?

About Individual Practices

328: Conservation Crop Rotation (e328 a-o)

340: Cover Crops (e340 a-i)

345: Reduced Tillage

528: Grazing and Pastures (e528 a-m)

311: Alley Cropping

379: Forest Farming

381: Silvopasture

391: Riparian Buffers (e391 a-c)

386: Field Borders (e386 a-e)

422: Hedgerow Plantings

612: Tree and Shrub Establishment (e612 b,c,g)

645: Habitat Management (e645 b,c.)