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Find Answers to Support Your Building Soil, Building Equity Application & Program Information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the approved soil health practices for Accelerating Appalachia’s Building Soil Building Equity (BSBE) initiative?

About Individual Practices

328: Conservation Crop Rotation (e328 a-o)

340: Cover Crops (e340 a-i)

345: Reduced Tillage

528: Grazing and Pastures (e528 a-m)

311: Alley Cropping

379: Forest Farming

381: Silvopasture

391: Riparian Buffers (e391 a-c)

386: Field Borders (e386 a-e)

422: Hedgerow Plantings

612: Tree and Shrub Establishment (e612 b,c,g)

645: Habitat Management (e645 b,c.)