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Cherokee and Caucasian youth in Clay County, NC

Clay county, nc, in southwest NC and bordering georgia hosts a wonderful cherokee heritage festival, and is home to the top high school in the state of NC – we interviewed and worked with the students, some would like to stick around but jobs are tough. supposedly a concentration of entrprenuers in the area, broadband connectivity is challenge. i recommended a co-working space in downtown Hayesville. Sparklehorse (Mark Linkhous)  lived and committed suicide there. how can we support poor, smart, caucasian students and indigenous cultures who live in same county and want to stay there? can they support one another in ways they just don’t yet realize? we provide incentive for their entrepreneurial ideas and link them to examples of world-class social enterprises, and they translate concepts so they can tie their mountain enterprise to their place in a world-class way? and the john c. campbell folk school is there: