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Le’Shae Robinson

Le’Shae Robinson is devoted to community development and positive impact. Her journey began at Berea College, where she saw the impact of integrating students into the college farm, providing food for the community.

In 2019, leveraging her marketing and operational expertise at NoLi CDC, she played a pivotal role in crafting their digital and operations strategy, contributing to channel over $1 million to underserved entrepreneurs in north Lexington. Her commitment extended to launching The Julietta Market, empowering emerging entrepreneurs, particularly those from marginalized communities. She also served as a digital strategist for Community Ventures, an organization dedicated to helping people own homes and start businesses.

Le’Shae is proud to continue to have an impact on her community through her work as the Chief Communications Officer at Accelerating Appalachia. Here she leads the development of communications for Building Soil, Building Equity from digital strategy to print materials.